Thursday, April 9, 2009

Strive for number 1 like the Canucks

I am in a bus right now on the way to see the Vancouver Canucks play the L.A. Kings. A client of ours called today who works for 89.5 FM The Hawk and they have arranged for their clients to hop on a bus and head out to Vancouver from Chilliwack to dinner then to the game and then back home. I was trying to think of a reason not to go and failed to find one. So here we are, my trusty partner, Tim and I are heading out on bus to have a good time together. I was thinking about how the Vancouver Canucks are just fighting right to get to the number one spot. They have trained and mentally prepared all year to get to be the best. If they lose by only one goal they will not be number one. We could all say "well it was only one goal, that's good enough". That doesn't wash. We can talk to everybody about being number 2. Well we weren't number one but Number 2 is good enough. No. That is not good enough. Not for the team or for the fans. What is the edge? What is the extra percentage of effort or skill that makes you number 1? What separates you from all the number 2's? There are a lot more number 2's out there than Number 1's. That's why they are so special. What makes you special? What is your value proposition? Are you constantly challenging yourself on daily basis on order to answer these questions? What makes you the best? Answer these questioons or make it a constant daily quest and you will be number 1 Soon. See our website to learn more about our team and how we strive to differentiate ourselves in the Real Estate industry @ Love to hear your comments and feedback ok how you strive to differntiate yourself in the industry. Wishing you total fulfillment and abundance. Happy Homer.

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