Monday, August 24, 2009

CERTIFY the WHY - Part 3

I broke it up into 3 parts to make it more interesting for you.....
Where you are today is the direct result of the past. Everything that you have done in the past; everything that you have thought about in the past; everything that you have focussed on in the past; all of the mental influences of the past; all previous experiences of the past and all money spending and investing of the past have brought you here today. It is important to establish where you are today and then decide on how it can be improved and then focus on what tomorrow will look like so that you can take control of your future. "It is good to focus on your future because that is where you will be spending the rest of your life".......I encourage you not to dwell on the past for no other reason than to learn from it. However, don't spend too much time on that. Try driving a car looking through the rear view mirror. You will crash for sure. Look out the bigger window in front of you and focus on where you are going and you will get there safely - right?
Now I want you to do an exercise with me and it is important that you pay attention to the rules of this exercise. On a separate piece of paper, write everything that you can think of that will make you feel great that earning a larger income will provide. I want you to write how you will feel when you achieve it as if you are feeling it right now. 5 years is a long time in the future but let's imagine your life going great and your business is fantastic and you have the income that you dream of coming in on a consistent basis 5 years from today. Everything is efficient. You are smiling and when you sit down with people imagine them laughing and smiling with you. You're talking on the phone to a past client who has just called you to let you know that they referred a client to you and you are speaking and smiling and making notes. Imagine yourself as a successful REALTOR. What do you look like? What kind of clothes do you wear? How fast do you walk? What kind of car do you drive? What does your home office look like? How organized is your desk? Is it piled with papers or neatly organized? What is the ideal person for you to become in order to be what you consider to be successful? These are just a few questions to ask yourself to get you thinking but really take the time to describe in utmost detail the ideal life. Try to touch on all aspects of life. Business, Personal, Relationships, Money, Spiritual, Family etc. Make the effort and try to imagine yourself living that life as if it is happening right now.
My wonderful, fulfilling, exciting, fun-filled, ____________________, _____________________, ________________________, LIFE 5 years from today.
I drive a _____________________________________ with a(n) _______________________ transmission and it is _________________________ in color.
My home is located in ______________________________ with a lot size of approximately ______________________________. It has a kitchen with ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and my master bedroom has ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ some other great features of my home are ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and I love the location of where it is situated because ____________________________________________________________________________________. I get a fantastic sense of accomplishment when I go home because it satisfies so many things that we need for _____________________________________________________________ and I am so grateful that my efforts have really paid off and I am so appreciative of the abundance that has come my way.
Some other things that I have obtained and accomplished over the last little while that I am enjoying is ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I have some extremely loyal clients and have made a lot of friends along the way that I believe I will enjoy for the rest of my life. I have made some fantastic strategic alliances with some key people and we benefit each others' business in a great way. Business just seems to be easier now and most of my time is spent on "money making" activities. I have ________ appointments per week with people that want to list their home and I average about _______ appointments per week showing properties to Buyers. My yearly income has now increased to $____________________ and I have managed to save $____________________ for the future and I own _______ other property(ies). I am in total control of my finances and my business. I have effected over _______ transactions this year.
My /family and I / wife and I / partner and I / take ______ vacations per year now and are making plans to go to ________________________.
More on your future ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Now on another blank page take a snapshot of your life in 10 years. Fast forward for a second to your life 10 years from today and talk about all aspects of your life. Let's pretend that you are now being interviewed by a reporter from a local newspaper and they want to do a story about you and your life as a REALTOR but they want to do a proper editorial to understand you- the person. They want to know all about you. Write the editorial as if you are the writer and write the story that you would like to see in print. A story that you would be proud to read to your grandchildren. If you read this story about someone else you would be greatly impressed and inspired. How would you describe your Financial Life, Business Life, Family Life, and your Spiritual Life? What are your hobbies? How do you contribute? How are you involved in the community?
Now that you have finished that exercise you have created a picture of the future for yourself. You have achieved the action of making a decision to take control of your life. You have created something for you to be accountable to but you have allowed yourself to feel what it feels like to be great. You are meant to do more than put in some time, make some money and just make it by and then die. You are meant to be more and mean more to this world. Congratulations!! You are in the top 30 percent of the population in my estimation. Now remember that you can do this exercise any time and re-write it over and over again and fine tune it to how you develop as a person as well. As your mind expands you will want to keep adjusting your objectives. I encourage you to do that a lot. But for the purposes of this manual I would encourage you to read the last 2 pages every night before you go to sleep and every morning when you start your day. It will take about 1 minute at a time. Not much time investment but the mental investment is enormous. Do this consistently and watch what happens over time. You will be amazed at the results.
A fun activity is to get some magazines and find pictures of some of the things that you dream about and make a collage of the pictures with your loved ones. Include your family. Let them in on your dreams so that they support you on those long days when it happens. Frame it and put it up on the wall and look at it every day.

Chilliwack Real Estate Market Report for July 2009

Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board Statistics for July 2009 as interpreted by HappyhomesBC

Chilliwack had a major heat wave reaching temperatures over 35 degrees !!! But there was another heat wave and that was the Real Estate Market. Hot hot Hot!!!!
We are feeling the heat and we are fired up about it.
The total value of residential sales increased almost 42% compared to last year and the amount of units that sold also increased by the same basic number which means that prices have stabilized and there is a major increase in market activity.
Total inventory in the Chilliwack and District Real Estate board decreased from 2008 by almost 30%.
There are less than 50% of the townhomes on the market today than there were last year....
The number of days on the market for residential homes is in the 70 to 85 day range which is a little bit longer than last month. That tells us that the really good deals that injected the market a few months ago have been snapped up and now people are pricing realistically but have just taken a little longer to react. The second layer of homes are now selling which is good - good - good news for everybody.
60% of all the sales that took place were in the price ranges of $225,000 to $400,000. That is the hottest price point. If you are priced in that area then you should be getting a lot of action on your home.
This is really balanced market right at this point. This is a good time to sell and more importantly - This is a great time to buy right now. Did I mention that this is a great time to buy??? If I forgot to mention before – THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO BUY!!!!
The market is now in the incubation stages and we will be experiencing some market changes that will begin the next wave in a short period of time.
This is what you have been waiting for....Right now is it.

This is HappyhomesBC signing off with your monthly market report for July 2009. Have a good summer.