Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Radio comments on Chilliwack Real Estate Developments

I received a phone call again from the new Radio Station that is now operating in the Chilliwack region. 89.5 "The Hawk" - website: and on Monday night an application was going through the approval process at the Chilliwack City Hall and one person mentioned that sales aren't happening so do we really need another 400 units to be built in that area. The interviewer, Jennifer Coles was looking for an answer to that statement so I was on the phone live being recorded. I thought that this is a good opportunity to maybe make people understand that they need to be part of the solution not part of the problem. Stop surrendering to the FEAR mongering that is going on!!! Think for yourselves people. The one thing that 'they' know for sure is that over 90% of the population of the world actually has the inability to reason and think for themselves when a major issue is presented to them. They will just believe what is presented to them and follow the status quo. We are being hypnotized. Smack. Wake up!!
I explained a lot of the information that is in our Chilliwack Market Report (see link below) and that is, sales are happening for properties that are priced right for today's market conditions. Prime rate just went down to a historic low....another .25% lower!!! Interest Rates locked in for 5 years are under 4% for qualified people. Prices are down 15% from 18 to 24 months ago!!! How good does it have to be? The biggest payment that people make is on their mortgage so that is a direct impact on household income. More money is made in Real Estate than anything else. Crawl out from your rocks and get buying and making a move. Get over your fears of loss and think about the future gains that you will enjoy. This is the exact time to make some Real Estate investments. Inventory is stablizing and sales are growing so we are closing the gap. The thing about Garrison Crossing on the Vedder side of the Chilliwack Municipality is that there is a major University of the Fraser Valley installing itself as we speak. There will be a major need for rentals as well as higher density units. They are literally building a village there that will provide all services for the surrounding neighborhood. The biggest amount of sales in condo's are in Garrison Crossing and also "The Flora" on Mary street which is situated on the other side of town rigth beside the Hospital. Why? High Quality - Low price. Simple.
I want to give you a link to click on to get to our "video market report" so that you can know where to go to get up-to-date market information on a quarterly basis from our website. We feel that it is extremely important that we keep the general public abreast of the statistics of our Real Estate sales activity in the Chilliwack Real Estate Market. I will let you know as they come available but for now here is the link: that is the place where you can get all of the stats for the recent sales activity on a monthly basis in the Chilliwack Real Estate Market. Our video report is more about taking the statistics and basically making sense of it.
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