Thursday, February 26, 2009

Real Estate "Waiters"

I was interviewed the other day on 89.5 FM “the HAWK”. It is a brand new radio station that just started broadcasting in Chilliwack.I was on my way into an appointment to show a client a beautiful home up at “The Falls Golf Course and Resort”. I spoke to the reporter for about 5 minutes. She was asking me questions about the Real Estate Market. I quickly assumed that she was intending to create a story about how slow things are or how prices have dropped. I did not give her any material for that at all. I spoke about how Sellers have to be realistic about their home prices. How they have to be priced sharply and I expressed the concept that once they sell they may feel a little bit beat up but once they become the Buyer they will be able to be the “beater upper”. I explained that when people asked me questions a few years ago like “what happens if the market crashes?”well I would answer to them that all the people that paid too much in Surrey and Langley would come to Chilliwack. Now is the prime time to buy Real Estate in Chilliwack. Interest rates are very low and rental rates have increased so there is incredible opportunity for the smart Real Estate investor in Chilliwack. The only sound bite that came out was a comment I made about how we have less than 10% of the University operational and companies are here right now building their facilities and will be creating hundreds of jobs. We are insulated from the world trauma in the sense that we should be thriving in the valley. Somehow the media fear and the government shenanigans and the US mortgage fraudulant lending practices have caused the general public to be paralyzed. And now a lot of the population is struck by another disease called “analysis paralysis”. I told the reporter that I heard a large THAWUMPP this morning about 6am when I was waking up. I told her that I believed that that was the sound of the market hitting bottom and now it is time for people to get out there and make their next Real Estate move. I said that in jest but seriously, the only time that you really know if the Real Estate market has hit bottom is when you see prices rising. So the very thing that you fear is what will happen by waiting. As John Mayer puts it “we’re just waiting for the world to change”. When enough people take action change happens. Not by waiting for Barack Obama to make an incredible speech. Except for the people that give us wonderful service in restaurants we have to stop being “waiters”. Check out our website to learn more about Buying and Selling Real Estate in Chilliwack at

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good News

Buyers in Chilliwack are Realizing that there are terrific opportunities in Chilliwack. The Flora a brand new condo building in Downtown Chilliwack is priced right fir the savvy Buyer. No doom and gloom here. People are happily paying the asking price for these upscale condos located right across the road from the Chilliwack Hospital, down the street from the new Chilliwack Landing Liesure Center, and located right behind the Southgate Shopping Center where there are restaurants and Shoppers Drug Mart. We are excited about the opportunity else gave here to help people capitalize on current market conditions. Get more info at
We also have a video tour of the development. Mortgage rates are at an alltime low as well. How good does it have to be? In addition, we can help our clients get access to the Sutton Member Program where there is the potential for a Buyer to get a 5 year fixed rate of 3.65%!! I am looking forward to speaking to all of our clients a couple of years from today and talking about the smart real estate decision they made today. Yes. There is some good news once in a while to talk about.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Real Estate is Real

The Chilliwack Real Estate market is on the move. It Is exciting to see. We are getting more calls from out of town REALTORS coming with their clients to Chilliwack. We at are looking forward to working with out of town people and expressing how great it is to live here. We believe that we are the ambassadors of our great City and we welcome you with open arms.
Check out our website to view our video tours of our current listings but we also have informative videos speaking about the City of Chilliwack in general.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buying Real Estate in Chilliwack

If you are looking for opportunity then Chilliwack is the place to focus on. We have an abundance of opportunity here. Chilliwack is the heart of the Fraser Valley and there are a lot of reasons for that. We are the heart, the pulse, and the lifeblood. Our community is built from the inside out. We have over 100 acres of industrial land that is in the development stages; we have a the inception of the University of the Fraser Valley just ramping up; the RCMP training facility is now located in Chilliwack; the Justice Institute headquarters and training is located in Chilliwack; we have the Chilliwack Bruins and new WHL hockey team; a new overpass is currently under construction to effect a new connecter for Chillwack and Sardis residents which will in turn provide more opportunities commercially and residentially...... the list goes on and on. Our City staff are heralded as the most business friendly and efficient in the Province. We have access the Harrison Hot Springs just 25 minutes away; Cultus Lake just minutes away; The mighty Fraser River and the Vedder River for some of the best fishing and river rapid kayaking in the world. We are surrounded by glorious mountain ranges and can view hang-gliders and parachuters on any given summer day looking eastward. Buying a home in Chilliwack is not only a fantastic investment for the future but it is also a lifestyle choice. I am proud to serve in the Real Estate field here and I am proud to sell homes to smart and savvy people who are deciding to make Chilliwack their home. Check out our website at and learn more about the Chilliwack lifestyle. We have Videos from the City of Chilliwack on our site as well as Video tours of some wonderful properties that we have currently listed for sale. Learn more about the Chilliwack area and how you can capitalize on this market by buying a home in Chilliwack BC. I look forward to meeting you soon.