Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Critical Real Estate

I am in Childrens Hospital right now with my wife and my son Connor as we have discovered that my son is now a Type1 Diabetic. He is 8 years old and is taking on this new life change like a pure Champion. He is amazing. He has had to overcome some very real fears in an extreme short period of time. Needles !!! Every day !?! Insulin!! What happens of he hits a "low"? Making sure that he eats right. He has to prick his finger -on purpose- to check his blood sugar level a number of times a day. It is Wednesday and he was admitted to the hospital on Monday night at 8:30pm and he is already acting like this is almost "normal". What? We as parents are going to have to make some serious adjustments and we are going through a major crash course with one more day left. We are tired and feeling a lot overwhelmed but at the same time I am so proud of my little man. I am thinking to myself..."what can I learn from this?". It came to me like a flash of lightning.
Us adults, get so caught up in details of life. We wait for other circstances to change or take place in order for our own lives to change. We are waiting for elections to happen; for spring to come; for President Obama to announce his cabinet and rescue the monetary system. Guess what everybody - the market has changed! The way we do business is changing ! We have to make life and business adjustments ---NOW! Out of necessity other factors come to light. Or come to life. This is where the rubber meets the road. What if you didn't make the changes oryou would die! Like my son. What if we decided to stubbornly stomp our feet and resist the changes? What if my son decided not to allow us to give him a needle? Things would get worse for him. Guaranteed that If we don't make changes, our businesses will do the same. They will die. Embrace change, either willfully or out of necessity, or your business will not thrive. It will be deficient on some area. If my son refuses to take insulin he will get sick. Sometimes a change could be as simple as starting a new habit. A positive one. Here's one that has worked for me:
I encourage you to make a list of the "Critical 6". What are the 6 most critical things that you have to accomplish every day? Think of it this way. What if you had to, suddenly without planning, take off with your wife and son to Childrens Hospital because you son has just been diagnosed with Diabetes? What 6 things would you absolutely make sure that you would accomplish before the day was over? Do those things first and do everything else after that. I wish you all a Blessed day and please live life as if it critical. Treat your business as if it is Critical and you will have health and wealth in all areas.
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