Monday, March 30, 2009

Be a Torch Runner

I have been thinking a lot about the Olympics coming to Vancouver soon. What does that really mean? I have been thinking about all of the new infrastructure that has been created for this wondrous event over the last 5 years that will now be here to stay forever. The way that the new roads and transit systems are changed forever in our great City. For the better absolutely. I love Vancouver. But really, I love that I am only 1 hour away from Vancouver. I can enjoy driving to wherever I want to go in less than 20 minutes in the City of Chilliwack. I am no more than 20 minutes from anywhere. I can park FOR FREE wherever I want to and it is always a quick walk to where I need to go. It is great. Sometimes we take that for granted. I was thinking about how a City that is just over an hour away from the core of the Olympic craziness can benefit or feel the effects of the Olympics. Then I started to think about what we are going through right now in this "media market mayhem monstrosity" (how's that for alliteration for ya) (Did I spell "alliteration" right?) that is being referred to as the real estate market right now. The crash. The suppressed market. the bursting of the bubble. All of these extreme phrases basically allow us the excuse to justify our current situation right now. It feeds us the food to keep us sick and wallowing in self pity. Really its just a little harder. People are buying homes. People are selling homes. Interest rates are fantastic. Prices are reachable for some people that couldn't reach them before. Buyer's can feel like they are winning again. They can negotiate and win. They can be choosy and win. They can get a great affordable rate making their monthly payments lower. Win. Let's work with Winners. Then we get to be Winners to. Man that feels a lot better. Ok back to the Olympics......
The 2010 Olympics are coming and I believe that we will be able to expose our beautiful province to the world for all to see. Fantastic. Then I saw that ad and I was thinking about the opening ceremonies and the Torch Relay. It is a great tradition displaying teamwork and effort and accountability and heart. Wow. What if we were all torch bearers every day. Remember once you have that torch you are expected to get it to the next spot. If you don't you mess everything up. You have to get it to the next person. You have to be accountable for that and if it is hard then that is too bad. You have to make it. There is no choice. It has to happen. You can't pass the buck - or the torch - in this case, until you reach the destination. It is an honor to carry the torch. When the road is hard to travel, you have to have heart. It may take extra effort and you have to get it to your team mate because he or she is waiting for you and counting on you. it doesn't matter that it is a little harder right now. That is just how we percieve it. It is how we feel. Well too bad. We have to keep going. We have to maintain our accountability to our goals. We have to maintain the promises we made to ourselves and others. We get so caught up in how we feel or how we should feel because we are programmed to feel a certain way when things are hard. I say keep the flame alive people and carry that torch with honor and be proud of your profession and we all have to get up everyday and grab that torch of responsibility and carry on. Put a smile on our faces and effect some lives in a positive way. We are in the business of helping people. We are not helping anybody by feeding on the negativity or letting it soak into us so that we squirt it back out onto other people. I say bathe yourself in positive and and just let it fly. Spray everybody with as much positive as possible and make a difference. Carry the torch. I will. Will you? Join me and lets make a positive difference.

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