Saturday, July 18, 2009

Certify the Why

This will be a 2 part segment on getting your "Why" figured out...... This is part one and look for Part 2 in a little bit....

Now the office is set up and we have a basic list of things to do. We haven't started to get into the specifics of how the get the business going yet and the reason for that is that it doesn't matter unless you have discovered within yourself WHY you are now going to set this ship to sail. Where are you going? Why do you want to go there? What is there once you get there? How will you feel? What does it look like? How fast are you going to go? What bumps will you hit along the way and how will that slow you down? What will keep the ship going when you hit challenges or- to keep the analogy going - when you hit stormy seas. Well Captain. I hate to say it there, matey, but you are the one steering the ship and we need to spend a little time charting the course. Sound fair?
Have you ever heard the saying... "Whatever the mind can conceive and then truly believe, it can achieve"
Or...... "Thoughts are things" Or...... "As a man thinketh in his heart, so he will be"
Or...... "We need to spend a lot of time thinking about the future because that is where we will be spending the rest of our lives"
And finally...... "Setting goals is nothing more than predicting our future. It's choosing our destination before starting the journey"
So .....When would Now be a good time to start thinking about where you are going? How about Now.
Let us move into the conception stage and simply free our minds for a bit and just really get excited about the possibilities that you can accomplish. We have discussed briefly about what this business has to offer and it is all exciting in a book but there is a reason that you have been attracted to this business and there have been some sort of parameters that you have set for yourself that you believe that you can accomplish. Maybe the inner conversation goes something like "oh if I could just replace the income I was making at my last job then that would be fantastic" or "I know a guy who I graduated with in high school and he is making a killing and if he can make it then, man, I know I can" or there may be a lot of other inner conversations that you have had with yourself and that is normal but we need to go deeper than that and really get the juices going for you so that you will make this business a phenomenal success like I know you can.
We will get into the details of work ethic and how to goal set strategically but for now we need to "Certify the WHY". By ‘Certify', I mean to make certain what it is that gets your motor running. Implant it in your brain. Make a concrete choice. Take the reasons that get you excited and Certify them. Certify the Why.
Money is a great thing and it is ok to want to make money and lots of it but ...Why do you want it? Why do you need it? Why is more, better than less? What difference will more money make in your life? What can you obtain to make your life better? What would you like to contribute to your family, your church, your community? Does more money buy you time? Obtaining stuff is ok too. A nicer home or nicer car or the ability to take a vacation once in a while when you feel like it and pay for it. Maybe it is just getting rid of debt.
Other words that describe the word "Certify" are: confirm; officially state; verify; endorse; attest; declare.
Those are pretty accountable words. It is a positive affirmation. In order to solidify your understanding of your "Why", we need to take some time to confirm what you are officially stating and verify the meaning to you so that you can properly endorse your commitment. Then in the future you will be able to attest to what you had formerly declared. In other words "CERTIFY the WHY". Make a declaration of your Goals and future achievment that will/must be obtained. There is no "maybe" or "wow that would be nice" or "that would be cool" or "Boy if that happened I would be excited"......We need to stop that internal dialogue right away and make a paradigm shift in your thinking but for now and until the 2nd segment of this gets posted just free your mind and ask those questions....write them down and internalize the "wouldn't it be nice" and let your mind go there. We will work on exercises to solidify those "dreams" later. For now just have fun and let yourself dream. Until next time...."Dare to Dream".....

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