Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real Estate is a great Business - Here's Why

Embrace what this business has to offer. It satisfies all facets of what us, as human beings, require in sustaining a long, happy, meaningful, successful, and fulfilling life.
1) Goal Setting – have you ever thought about the fact that we are inherently goal seeking organisms? Our development in our life to this point has been from our past goals. You set a goal to study and pass the Real Estate Exam. Congratulations!! You passed. Now it’s time to set another goal and once you achieve that it is time to set another goal. Goals give you a sense of purpose, a reason to get up in the morning and most importantly a sense of accomplishment. That is succeeding....or in other words a series of successes. Could we consider you successful if that happens over and over again. You betcha bucko. Remember when you checked for your results and saw that you had passed? What a feeling. Doesn’t that feel good? It feels great to achieve goals. Well, don’t you want to feel great? It increases your self-image. It gives you another perspective. Setting and achieving goals is so important. You will be setting and accomplishing goals throughout this whole manual and you are going to feel awesome every time you do it. We are so excited for you. Remember in the goal setting process it is not always the goal that is the most important but who we become in order to achieve the goal. If we are doing things right we will become better people in the process. So set goals and achieve and also build a better person along the way.
2) Personal Relationships – Being a positive influence in people’s lives is another “need” we have as human beings. We need to have that connection with people. You cannot be on an island all by yourself without any people around and feel any kind of purpose. We need to exchange energies with other people. That is what is meant to be. You will make friends with some of the other REALTORS in the office and as REALTORS, we also get to help people with their most important money and family decisions of their lives and it feels good to help people. We are instrumental in helping people achieve their goals. That is a fantastic relationship. You will make friends for life in this business with some of your clients. “Business leads” or “Prospects” or “Potential Clients” or “Walk-ins” and even “FSBO’s” are really UN-MET FRIENDS. We deal with so many different types of personalities in this industry and some people will just “click” with you and you will make a real connection. That is one of the wonderful things that you obtain in this business. Every day is an opportunity to meet an un-met friend. In what other industry is there with that kind of potential? Get out there and meet some people and show them what you have to offer.
3) Creativity – We need to nurture our creativity. It keeps our brains sharp. It keeps us on our toes. Be creative. Always focus on the ‘how”. It can be done. Believe in yourself. People love creativity in others. We need it. Some people haven’t exercised their creative muscles for a long time. Think back to when you were a kid. How creative were you? What kind of games did you and your friends create? What kinds of characters were involved? This business allows you to be creative. Everything from designing your ads to writing your property descriptions to getting the deals done during negotiations. It’s all about being creative. Thinking of new ways to market a property. New angles to explore in obtaining referrals. Different ways to attract buyers. The success of your business will rely heavily on how creative you think. Embrace creativity.
4) No ceiling – There is no limit to how big you can build your business. Nobody is here to tell you what you are worth. That happens in jobs. “You are worth $25.00/ hour and by the way we are going to tell you when to eat and when you have to arrive and when you go home and when you can go on holiday’s” and if you don’t like it “You’re Fired!”. There is nobody doing that here. We are offering structure and work ethic to help you succeed because we care about your growth as a human being and as a REALTOR. We are excited for you when you make a lot of money. We say “Way to go now go make some more!!” We will be doing some exercises in this manual to help you ascertain what you are worth and you will be amazed at how much you are really worth per hour and per year. Let’s blow the roof off of your prior expectations and stretch your mind. What a feeling. Imagine on a daily basis setting and achieving your goals and when you get through this manual and you will. It is up to YOU. Consistency is the key.
5) Lifestyle – This business offers lifestyle as well. You create and maintain your own schedule. If you want to be the only Dad or Mom on the school field trip then fine, schedule it in. You can meet your spouse for lunch once or twice a week. You can book holidays whenever you want. You can take Wednesday off if you want. Meet your clients at night, on weekends, early in the morning, or whenever it suits you and your clients. Amazing flexibility. Get home to read stories to your children before bed and then go write an offer after that. Why not? The choice is yours. You have the freedom to work when it works for you. Now you have the freedom to be accountable to everybody. You, your clients and your family. It is simply the choices you make to manifest the lifestyle that you can create. You are in control. Don’t you feel even better about your choice to get into this business now? You probably never thought of it that way before. I believe that we truly need those things to feel fulfilled in our working lives. There are a lot of other things that we need but in our income generating capacity these are great advantages as compared to just about any other occupation.

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